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 Little Tree Farm is located on 25 acres just west of Oxford, North Carolina.   We offer many different farm and farm related products.  These include:  eggs, stewing chickens, turkeys, many kinds of cut flowers, vegetables , blueberries, apples, wild blackberries, and honey. 

 We have been farming since 2001 when we sold our first hay crop.  We still grow and sell hay as a cover crop on the parts of the farm we are not using for other production. 

 So why the name Little Tree Farm when we do not sell trees.  That is a long story, but it partly comes from a book called the “Education of Littetree” which we really like.  Another reason was that when we moved here the former owner had logged part of the land and replanted trees.  So we had lots of little trees.  Finally it comes from a little iron tree created by the first blacksmithing class that John attended. 

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Little Tree Farm products at the Durham Farmers Market. We also sell directly off the farm.

Little Tree Farm

Oxford, NC US